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What are mosquito traps and how do they work?

Mosquito Traps ReviewedMost mosquito traps are designed to attract mosquitos using ultra-violet lights and by releasing Co2 (to mimic human breath), and then retain them in a container. Eventually, they will die from a lack of water or food. Traps will greatly help reduce the adult mosquito population, including females ready to lay eggs, but they can’t be expected to kill all of them, especially if humans and animals are around (mosquitoes might still be more attracted to people than the trap). Most commercial traps are self contained and portable, but require propane or electricity to release CO2. Mosquito traps appeal to the various sensing organs that help mosquitoes find their target. The release of CO2 and Octenol will be detected by their antennas. The ultra-violet light will trigger the mosquitoes’ visual cues, and the heat generated by the trap will activate their maxillary palpus.

Where Can I Use Mosquito Traps?

When to place the mosquito trapsMosquitoes spend most of the day in shaded areas, away from direct sunlight, in places like tall grasses or bushes. At dawn and dusk, they come out of the shaded area, looking for animals to bite: they tend to fly upwind when looking for food. So, the best location to set a trap is downwind, between the area where they hide during the day, and the area where they will encounter humans (porch, front door…etc). This way, mosquitoes should get attracted by the CO2 released by the trap before the CO2 released by people. Make sure there is plenty of space around the trap so the CO2 can be dispersed freely into the air. Feel free to move the trap to insure you find the most effective location. Smaller traps can be used inside to catch the sneaky mosquito that made it all the way into your bedroom.

How to Choose the Best Mosquito Trap and what to look for when buying them?

Best features in mosquitoes trapsYou first need to assess the size of your mosquito problem: are you just trying to kill a few mosquitoes at dawn that may have entered your home during the summer months? Or do you a large mosquito population all year long. How large is the area you need to protect? A small patio or a large yard? Do you live by a large body of water? If you are preventing mosquito bites in a large surface area, you may need more than one trap. Mosquito traps are usually powered by electricity. For best efficiency, a trap may need to stay plugged in for several hours, which could increase your electric bill. You may also need to take a look at the cost of replacements parts such as CO2 cartridges, light bulbs or fuel.

Do Mosquito Traps Work?

Yes, mosquito traps work ….to some extent: these types of traps work well in catching adult female mosquitoes that are flying around the trap. However, it will not be effective in killing eggs or larvae. Also, not all traps are created equals: some traps will attract more mosquitoes than others. If you want a full mosquito control program, you will still need to address the breeding areas, like explained here.

Remember: Complete mosquito control involves more than just using a mosquito trap. 

What are the Main Types of Mosquito Traps

Different brands of traps use different methods for attracting and trapping mosquitoes.


Some models use propane to create CO2. Others use CO2 cartridges. Octenol, R-Octenol and Lurex may also be used to mimic human scents. It is important to note that different species of mosquitoes are susceptible to different attractants. Make sure to use the right attracting insecticide for your area. Lurex is most effective in attracting Asian Tiger Mosquitoes, which are more common the the southern states of the USA. Octenol works best in the northern area of the USA, Canada and the coastal areas. R-Octenol is suited for the northern US states as well as costal areas, and last 40% longer than Octenol.

Trapping system:

Certain traps have a built in fan or vacuum system to suck in the mosquitoes into the container or net (drop traps). Other traps will include a sticky paper to catch the mosquito until its death. Certain traps draw the mosquitoes into a pool of water. 


Mimicking human body heat is an other important element when luring mosquitoes. Some traps are equipped with a heating coil that vaporizes insecticides and create a mist or vapors.

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